How Do You Put a Baby in a Short Crib?

How Do You Put a Baby in a Short Crib

Cribs play a vital role in every angel born for a parent. It is one of the inevitable baby essentials. The size of the crib measures 28 inches by 52 inches. But in case if you are a petite mom like me around 5 ft, it will be difficult to lean and lay your baby in a crib.  Finding a crib suitable for your height is the greatest challenge that every short mom like me faces.

Short cribs are meant especially for petite moms. In case if you are a tall mom and the standard size of the crib is the perfect option. Then it won’t be a struggle for you. But if you are a short mom, there is a risk of dropping your baby in the crib while you lean to lay. It becomes worse, and it is unsafe.

In such cases, a step stool will assist you to put your baby in a crib. Here in this article, especially for the sake of short moms, we are going to explore the best crib for short moms by avoiding a step stool. Researchers say that cribs with 36 inches either tall or short will fit a mom with 5 feet and above without using a step stool.

Why do you need a short crib?

For a mom with a tiny size, putting your baby in a crib taller than their height will be unsafe. As you are short you have to lean towards the crib stretching yourselves along with your baby. It is too risky and uncomfortable. Leaning and stretching often may develop back pain.How Do You Put a Baby in a Short Crib

Short moms, less than 5 feet, can use the union crib known to be the shortest among cribs around 33.5 inches tall. This is the best crib for petite moms under 5 feet. As it is short, it even occupies very less space than the standard cribs.

So, how do you use a baby crib for short mom? There is a possibility of dropping your baby if the crib is tall than your height. It will be an easy and stress-free way if you choose a short crib around 35 inches or fewer than this size. It should be up to your waistline.

The best cribs for short moms

The following cribs will give you a perfect choice to pick the best crib for short moms.

  • Convertible cribs
  • Compact cribs
  • Budget cribs
  • Best grow cribs
  • Dream mini cribs
  • Portable mini cribs

Each crib is having unique and customized features for the benefits of tiny moms. Let us discuss these cribs so you will get an unrestricted view. So it will be easy for you to choose the right product, safe for your baby. It will be comfortable for short moms.

Features of cribs

Convertible crib: This crib comprises the stationary rail design with teething rails, safety locks, dual hoods, and 3 level mattress. You can also use it as a toddler day bed once they grow by simple conversions. It is sturdy and the best crib for short moms.

Compact cribs: This is a portable and foldable crib with adjustable mattress positions to convert as a twin bed when your baby grows,

Portable mini cribs: This comprises 2 adjustable mattress levels with locking caster wheels.

Tips for short moms using short cribs

Mobility of a crib mattress

Comfortability and safety are the two fundamental things when choosing the best crib for short moms. The actual struggle of petite moms comes when you try to put your baby in a crib mattress, which is too low. You feel scared about that too when you are new moms.

You should move the crib mattress to a position higher so it will be easy and safe for shorter moms. Mobility of the crib mattress is comfortable even for a mom who was tall as leaning and stretching after a cesarean section may be painful. In such a case, it is easy for you to put your baby in a crib.

How Do You Put a Baby in a Short CribCrib settings for short moms

Depending on your height set a comfortable height for a crib. This will make you feel secure with your baby.

You should remove mattress bedding while setting a crib along with sheets and mattress protectors.

Ensure whether the mattress is stable as you adjust the screws at the head and foot of the crib once you fix the position of the crib.

The last thing is to reset everything to refit your sheets along with a mattress protector.

Can you adjust your crib height?

Yes, you can adjust your crib height. There are so many reasons to increase or decrease the height depending on your comfortability of putting your baby in a short crib.

The most important thing is that you should follow the guidelines. You will start knowing when to lower the crib or when to increase the height of the crib just by seeing your child’s development.

Key points for short moms

You can use a sturdy small stool under the crib. But avoid at night.

In the market, there are so many options for you to buy a crib. Our suggestion is the one which is having an easy-to-slide the option which opens with a side door. Once it gets opened, you can easily put your baby down. You know this as the convertible crib, which is the best crib for short moms.How Do You Put a Baby in a Short Crib

Guide for baby cribs for short moms

These three points are the guidelines to keep in mind for short cribs.

  • Step stool
  • Adjustable mattress height
  • Lowering whole baby crib

Short cribs make your parenting life easier as you put an end mark to the struggle you faced so far in lifting your baby without falling inside or dropping your loved ones. Whatever be your height, you have a perfect choice of short crib suiting your needs.


Most of the moms come around a height of  5 feet and above. Some moms may be below 5 feet. Whatever be your height, you can get a shorter crib to put your baby. The reality is depending on your height you have to choose one between the two. Either you have to drop a little or bend a little.

Get relieved from this struggle from choosing the best crib for short moms. Follow a few steps which assist you. Baby’s crib is a cheerful place for your baby to rest. Start with a nap. Just hold your breath, tucking your stomach. Then gently lower your baby to the mattress.

This is the way you can put your baby in a crib. First, the baby’s feet should touch the mattress, then the bottom to the upper body and head. This type requires a little practice but as the crib is short, you can do it easily safely, and comfortably,

Kindly share this article if you know short moms or dads who struggle with putting the baby in a crib and spread the joy of parenting.