Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials

Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials

Your pregnancy will bring in a lot of changes to your body features. Some of them you might just love to flaunt, like a shinier lock, a fresher look, more curves, and so on. Not every pregnant woman experiences these changes, however. A baby bump, swollen legs, and feet, body bent a little backward to support the weight of the baby, and so on. With these changes, looking good makes it easier to feel lighter each waking day. One of the things that you need to have in your wardrobe is one of the best maternity leggings. As you read on, you will see other maternity fashion essentials that you will need to have to flaunt your baby belly in style.

When it comes to dressing up your baby belly, you can still have both comfort and style. Compromising one over the other is not necessary. You can look and feel good even with that growing bump. You also do not need to throw off all your fashion attires. Mixing and matching what you already have in your wardrobe will also allow you to stay within your budget while making sure that you keep yourself well-dressed and quite appealing. That means you can still be a head turner and keep a positive vibe even with all the seemingly unappealing signs of pregnancy.

Keep in your closet these maternity essentials so you could always be ready to dress up for whatever occasion you may need to appear in even while you are carrying a baby in your belly. Shop smart and extend much of your wardrobe to allow the clothes in your closet to last your pregnancy. Doing so will allow you to keep a fabulous look no matter the occasion is or no matter what size you are.

Maternity Leggings

A pair or more of some good quality dark, stretchy leggings will always handy. Keep a few pairs in your closet. It’s a pair that can keep you comfortable even on your most bloated days. Complete the look with a pair of boots and you can still look sassy and trendy even after you have given birth. You have the option to choose from the many maternity leggings available in the market today or use your regular leggings that you already have in your closet. Both will just look good on you. You can put on a comfortable top and go from casual to formal. Leggings also give you more support for your baby bump, so you’ll feel safe as you wear a pair any time.


This fabulous piece of clothing is another maternity essential that you will need to hide or flatter several body bumps, however, you may think it’s necessary. You can also find pieces that have stunning slimming details, such as bracelet-length sleeves, vented sides, as well as deep V-necklines. Pre-pregnancy will allow you to wear one of these tunics as a dress. As your pregnancy develops, you may put it on over a pair of leggings or over skinny jeans. Once you have given birth, the extra room will make you feel comfortable while nursing.

Maxi dress

A maxi dress is a must-have not only during pregnancy but any time you may feel you need to wear one. It’s a smart thing to always have a few pieces that you can wear whatever the occasion is. Those flowing skirts, empire waists, and other interesting details that give emphasis to the collarbone, shoulders, and other feminine parts make it a necessary element of every girl’s wardrobe. There is always endless options when it comes to maxi dresses, so choose one that will give you the most comfort as your pregnancy progresses.

Long tank top

When looking for a tank top with a staying power as well as the ability to enhance your figure, choosing the best option will always be the best thing to do. A top made of stretchy microfiber blends, ruching on the sides, as well as some thick straps that can conceal your brassiere, either a regular or nursing bra, and one that fits well and not too tight on your chest is one that you need to have. You can wear it on its own or under a tunic, a cardigan, or whatever you can match on top of it. Longer tops can accommodate your growing belly and also provide coverage to your rear, especially if you intend to pair it with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.

Unstructured cardigan

An unstructured cardigan gives you more options when you are pregnant. Find one with an asymmetrical front and a simple one-button or toggle closure near the neckline as this allows you to wear it open or loosely closed. Whenever you wear it on its own or over a top, you will feel a casual elegance that will work well any time. One made with a thicker material can also be used as a light coat during the cold months.

Shift dress

A shift dress is usually structured with a body-skimming upper body and flares near the bottom. When worn, this piece of clothing creates a youthful, deconstructed silhouette that enhances the look of the wearer, especially that of an expecting mother. During pre-pregnancy, wearing a shift dress will provide a light enhancement to your curves but a lot of personality to your being. As your belly grows, the dress will just look better on you.


This is one of the most versatile accessories that you need to have in your closet. It can add a flair to a rather boring outfit. Your scarf can also easily transform into a nursing cover or a blankie that you can use whenever necessary.

Wrap dress

Wearing a wrap dress makes a woman look elegant. Once your baby bump starts growing, then you can just adjust secure the tie of the dress right under your bust. Choose one that is made of stretchy or blended fabrics so that it will easily snap back into shape.

Fold-over yoga pants

A pair of fold-over yoga pants is another maternity essential you need to have. You can wear one anywhere and at any time of the day. Look for one with a fold-over waistband which you can either fold down beneath your tummy or extend over your baby bump when you feel like having a warm cover on your baby bump.

Skinny Jeans

To create an elongated look, wear skinny jeans. A dark denim makes a flattering look and matches well with flats, heels, or knee-high boots. Opt for a pair with at least 2 % Lycra or other stretchy material so the jeans can accommodate your growing bump and can also spring back when you’ve given birth. Pushing the waistband beneath your bump will make you feel comfortable during the latter part of your pregnancy when your bump will have reached its maximum size. Complete the look with a long stretchy tank and a tunic if you feel like putting on one.

Which of these maternity essentials do you prefer to wear?